Ceramics Clayland and Art Studio

Father and Son

Ceramics Clayland's new space

Ceramics Clayland and Art Studio is a place where anyone can come to relax and release a bit of their artistic side. We have everything you need to create a hand-painted ceramic work of art. It’s pottery made easy. Pottery by you. Just bring in your imagination.

The process is easy. Pick out a ceramic piece you would like to decorate. From a tiny ‘Turtle Tot’ to a gigantic bread platter, Ceramics Clayland has over 600 different pieces for you to choose form ranging in size and skill level. Most pieces will take from one to two hours to decorate. Whether you are looking for a ‘#1 Mom’ coffee mug or a hand thrown water pitcher, Ceramics Clayland has something for you.

Now that you have your piece picked out you can then take it to your table and explore the many possibilities.  Painting, sponging, scratching, and shading will help bring your one of a kind creation to life. With over 100 under-glaze colors to use, the sky is the limit.

A creative space for pottery

Stencils, stamps, and even #2 pencils for making perfect dots are available to help you refine your piece.   Our staff is always available to lend a hand or show you a new or different technique. The best one being ‘take your time, and enjoy yourself’. Once you have finished painting your piece, we will clean up the mess. After your piece dries completely, it will be dipped in a clear glaze  and fired to a glossy durable finish. 7 days after your studio visit, you can pick up your masterpiece. Well done.

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